HMS News January 28, 2014

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We are keeping in touch with the printer to follow their current schedule. The print shop has been working both late hours and part of this last Saturday. While we have not been given a copy of their actual schedule, it appears that they will catch up in late February, though this is from the floor staff and not management. We have not received a proof copy with the new paper yet but that may appear next week. We will keep you updated as we get news.

Both Gar and I have been partly sidelined for a while. Gar had two minor eye operations that mean he can now has almost full vision again — although the resultant bruising meant he looked like a raccoon and had to spend a good bit of time on his back with ice packs on his face. I had a staph infection (initially misdiagnosed), including a massive rash/itching I hope to never experience again.

Another OB sample appears below. This covers the Axis Air OB for the entirety of Total War, including how the surprise air raid is resolved.



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  1. Bill Jenman says:

    2 months for a printer to correct their own error seems more than a tad excessive. What is it with Europa printers? I’ve never had to wait more than a week for delivery once final proofs have been agreed.

  2. Andrea says:


  3. Stakhovite says:

    Do they need to change the hamsters running the equipment every two hours?

  4. John Kisner says:

    Ludicrous. You would think that by now Gar & Arthur would realize that the cheapest possible price isn’t always a good business move. And since postal rates have gone up (again) during the months and months and months those last bits have been at the printer, presumably “late February” — bad as that sounds — won’t be the end.

  5. Todd W. Olson says:

    Yes, they always seem to have the worst possible luck, don’t they. It’s uncanny, really.

  6. Lars Wistedt says:

    So now we have like a 6 months delay in total, and a “maybe” printing date in late Feb… Any further discounts I guess will not be likely as you would soon get the printing for free, due to all delays. However, let me guess that there will be further delays so Feb 2014 is hardly likely to happen for the printing. If any printing will take place, I would stake my money on December or February 2015.

    Must say I am utterly annoyed by all this!

  7. Fred Førde says:

    glad to hear you both are better and in a dialog with your printer. We all look forward to the final resoult. Nice touch to give us the Axis air OB. Thank you :)

  8. mitch says:

    Any comments on the Air OB?

  9. Todd W. Olson says:

    It’s a GREAT Air OB, Mitch. I wish I could see the rest of it. Also, I’d like to see the remaining OBs, rule books and charts. But, those gosh darned printers just don’t be able to seem to get their game together. What are the odds of this happening again? It’s just freaky!

  10. Greg Rogers says:

    The Axis OB has issues with the margin on the bottom of the page. On Page 48 the type at the bottom of the first column is halfway missing. On Page 49 the bottom of the box outline is missing. Is this an issue with the typeset overall or with providing a four page snippet of the material?

  11. Fred Førde says:

    Its a bit more complicated than its predesessor. Looks very promising. 69 starting planes for the Germans? A bit less than before but then the forces in Norway show up in July. More Ju87Rs than before. The lower ratings on the majority of Ju88As will have some effect on losses compared to before. Harder to get them through on deepstrike missions. And the much higher ratings on the fighters should help on the Germans airlosses on fighters. I have not figured out all of the new airratings. Whats does the E on the Me109F2 stand for?

  12. Sean King says:

    Why are the old comments going away?

  13. Duncan says:

    Greg, the issue with columns of text being “cut off” at the bottom of the pge applies to all files that have been shared with us. So it looks like a formatting issue with the documents themselves. Unless time is being taken to correct this prior to the printing actually happening I guess it will appear on the finished documents as well. Just as well there’s a delay so that this sort of problem can be ironed out.

  14. Bill K. says:

    Sorry to hear about your health issues, an am glad that you both appear to be on the mend. Was wondering though if once you get Total War printed that you might consider hiring a business manager to oversee things like issues with the printer, an apply the necessary “pressure” when needed. That would at least allow you two to concentrate on the games and magazine, as well as remove some of the stress that am sure isn’t good for either your physical or emotional health. Just glad I kept my copies of FitE & Scorched Earth.

  15. Ryan O. says:

    Sad thing is I told them of a gaming company that does print on demand and could probably have had this done for them months ago.

  16. Tony C says:

    Why do these guys like being doormats. Printers mistake, printer fixes it. And no, you dont go to the end ot the line while they fix it. These guys CLEARLY dont want your business. So dont give it to them. Publish their web site’s address and they will see quickly how much your clientele love them!

  17. Paul Dubois says:

    Those stupid problems with the bottom page exist since two (2) years ! So, don’t argument now about the delay which can be used to correct this.

  18. Mike says:

    Any update? Whay aren’t you releasing the rules as pdfs?

  19. Lo Pan says:

    Not to diminish the frustrations of waiting for more than 10 years for this game …

    I try to refocus my energies elsewhere (easier said than done at times). This company has made a number of other games that I can look to for entertainment. Maybe its because I have created my own games for decades (pieces from one, maps from another, rule ideas from here and there. (as well as making my own maps, rules and counters)).

    My current project is creating a variant on the Spanish Civil War. In October 1934, there was a revolt in Asturias that Franco was called in to ruthlessly subdue – and did historically. (For those who wish to know more about the history (background and event,) I would recommend you read The Spanish Civil War by Hugh Thomas. Brilliant author.)

    For my entertainment, regardless of the historical likelihood, I am ‘gaming’ this revolt but with the widening scope that Franco does not succeed in suppressing the revolt. Instead, a la the American Revolution, ‘minutemen’ commit themselves to a truly armed and motivated insurrection.

    This spreads to The Basque, Santander and eventually Catalan. Soon the crumbling Republic is faced with disintegration from within rather than what happened historically.

    FWTBT has enough game components and rules to get me by … and I am having some fun!

  20. Duncan says:

    So two weeks on and no news? Haven’t you managed to speak with the print shop’s management yet? Are they avoiding you?

  21. Sean King says:

    I gave them a call and nothing really new except they are still working on it.

    I did find out I am order # 187 though. :O) Had to update address since didn’t get a response back when emailed.

  22. Todd W. Olson says:

    So here it is, by most standards, late February, and still no update. A cynical person might think that HMSGRD is just dragging it out before announcing the next delay. But I know better than that!

  23. Rick Lamb says:

    I’ve been away a month from checking these, and haven’t missed a thing!

    The rest of you need to take a look back and put two and two together:

    First we were going to get it in April or so. Then around August or September should do it. Then 18 Nov 2013 was date certain. Then December 6. Then a printer issue that might delay, but most will be out and in your hands by 12/24/2013. And then Jan should have it fixed.

    And now late February, and here we are.

    So you should put 2 and 2 together and come up with….go ahead and set up FitE/SE/Urals and have at another game. You most likely will be able to finish it in plenty of time.

  24. Anthony Perri says:

    Well it’s March?!!?? I know this is a labor of love and you have at streak of bad luck, but Updates!! Please !!!

  25. bryan v says:

    It seems more delays are in store.

    What I don’t understand is the lack of information passed on to the customers. Those that are following this website & checking are probably the MOST LOYAL fans that you have. Consideration of these people would go a LONG way towards improving your image. These folks are the most likely to appreciate the game AND recommend it to others. An opportunity to grow the fan base, the business & the reputation is all being missed.

  26. Tom Dynia says:

    It’s well into March, still no game, still no update, not even a new “the dog ate my Combat Results Table” excuse.

  27. Sam Casas says:

    Jan 28… “We’re keeping in touch with the printer…”

    I can only hope you are doing a better job of that than keeping in touch with your customers.

  28. Bob says:

    Now mid-March. Update please.

  29. Rick Lamb says:

    My comment from about a month ago is still awaiting moderation I see, so they apparently didn’t like it. I’d still like to know if it is yet: next week, soon, or late February?

  30. daniel pagsno says:

    Hello any updates.

  31. bman says:

    Holy moly … it has been nearly two months since the last update. What’s the status here?

  32. Jeppe Prebensen says:

    Can you at least tell us whether we should expect this for delivery in time for Christmas 2014 or not?