HMS News December 22, 2013

On December 23, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

We met with the printer again on Friday and examined a sample booklet they had printed. The printer agreed that this booklet was still not acceptable, with graying-out problems, and they will no longer try to use this 60lb paper for the Total War printing.

While the booklet is readable, it is not the full black-on-white we approved on the original proof. The printer has offered to use a finer grade of 70lb paper without adding to our cost and there will be no charge for reprinting of the booklets already done.

This paper is thicker and our major concern in accepting it is that the added weight may add to the postage costs. We will absorb any postage increase. While we had anticipated some of the games shipped before Christmas, this cannot be met by their available press time.

We will let you know as soon as they begin reprinting.


36 Responses to HMS News December 22, 2013

  1. Ralph Sunley says:

    You’d think printing black text on white paper is something that could not possibly go wrong ….

  2. bryan v says:

    Waiting this long I’m more concerned about additional mistakes/errata than the delay…

  3. Duncan says:

    So what’s the latest on the printing schedule? I know you don’t like posting updates but it would really be good to keep people informed.

  4. Duncan says:


  5. EMZIVAT says:

    happy new year
    what about Partizan, Clash of Titans and Total Victory ?

  6. Val says:

    I second Duncan’s motion: Well?

  7. John Webster says:

    Thirding the motion, well?

    I’d like to buy this game, but I will not pre-order it or buy the parts piecemeal. I sort of like complete games, kind of weird that way.

  8. Todd W. Olson says:

    We’re waiting…

  9. Wavy Gravy says:

    Dude, don’t harsh their mellow.

  10. chet says:

    Thank you for erasing my last comment nothing rude was said. I just want you guys to know I have opened and am successfully running three businesses since I first ordered this game in Dec 2006. You should at least post something for your customers, that is all the people that have ordered or want to order stuff from you guys. Stop making excuses and do at least the basic customer service.

  11. Jon says:


  12. Duncan says:

    Well? Any update?

  13. Lars Wistedt says:

    ..waiting for the next delay. Or at least the promised update?

  14. Garry Ferguson says:

    I’ve had several post, which were admittedly negative, but not in any way wrong or offensive, not make it onto the comments page. Just makes me wonder if there are a lot of people being denied there voice here. Because the way these guys are going they’ll have no chance of repeat business !!!

  15. Lo Pan says:

    I suspect innocuous comments don’t get posted pretty often. I don’t leave many comments but about 3-4 of mine over the past year have been skipped. Shrugs shoulders.
    I pre-ordered in 2003 and am as anxious as the next guy. A while back, for my own piece of mind, I decided that I would stop waiting … the rest of the game will show up some day and sometime after that, I’ll get the maps and counters out.
    My enthusiasm for TW will return. For now, I just avoid getting myself all lathered up thinking about it.

  16. Lars Wistedt says:

    All this waiting has made me turn to the “other” Europa variants – Tom’s Master series of course but also the new titles from Diffracation Entertainment. Several titles in a very short time span and good games too.

  17. Ruud says:

    Irt Garry: I’m one of the people who’s post didn’t make it. Probably because I voiced a similar concern as you about the prospects for future projects and gave some well intentioned but I guess unwanted advice. I would like to use this opportunity to remind the guys at HMSGRD about this post though, because now I’m no longer the only one warning about the consequences of not informing your customers while you promised to do just that multiple times.

  18. Ray Crawford says:

    This is the HMS/GRD business website. Anyone who has ever run a business will find the ‘voices denied’ conspiracy comment as bemusing as I have. If you want discussion on HMS/GRD games, or to air commentary about them, you’ve got a better chance of having a ‘voice’ on the Yahoo Europa group.

    TW will arrive when it arrives, not a moment sooner. I’m with the venerable Lo Pan on this one.

  19. Duncan says:

    The “investors” won’t sanction release of rules samples for fear of impacting future sales but they’re happy to allow negative comment on the official website. Which sums up their business acumen I suppose.

  20. colleen l. wolf says:

    I told my husband that he would get the games ( he ordered 2 ) by Christmas. I just didn’t tell him what Christmas that would be.Maybe 2014 will be the big year.

  21. Duncan says:

    That’s three weeks gone now guys.

  22. bman says:

    What’s the scoop? Any new updates?

    The silence is concerning … usual implies yet another delay.

    It’s sad, but kinda funny, making this edition of the game will end up running nearly twice as long as the actual war on the Eastern Front!

  23. Duncan says:

    Four weeks now guys. I’m posting this early as it doesn’t look like you’re going to bother to respond to any emails before four weeks is up.

  24. John Parr says:

    Dear Arthur,
    Unfortunately my health is deteriorating quite rapidly and I cannot wait another three years. I would be extremely grateful if you could send me the counters and maps in the white box and perhaps a couple of counter trays for my $10 credit. I will play the game using a mixture of SoS and FitE rules and charts. Many thanks for all your research efforts.

  25. Anthony says:

    Hey Its been five weeks?!
    Any update would be better than silence!!
    Just want to know if there is still LIFE!!!!!

  26. Jonas Lidén/Sweden says:

    There is nothing to gain from complaining about the delays. But let’s take the lesson from this process and make the next game “good enough” instead of “perfect”.

  27. Steve says:

    Four weeks since you stated “will let you know as soon as they start reprinting.” Since you haven’t told us anything, I assume that means that reprinting has not yet started?

  28. John Webster says:

    If the printer accepted your job and provided you a proof copy whose only flaw is too light of a printing, that should be solvable in days not months.

    If there are more issues beyond the print quality, maybe someone can help.

    You are not in this alone so don’t take bear all the burdens by yourselves.

  29. Rick Lamb says:

    If they’ve not starte reprinting by now, after having messed up printing things at least two times so far, I think it’s time to fire their butts an get a real company to print it.

  30. Michele Cafagna says:

    I own every single Europa game, including Glory an 1st ww serie. Wavell’s War has been my last purchase.

  31. Jerome Carrie says:

    They might tell us which rules are still being discussed/finalized…

  32. Andrea says:

    Ii anybody still alive at hms?

  33. Paul Dubois says:

    Jerome Carrie , even not in the UN, a discussion takes that time ……
    Michele Cafagna , we are not interested in the games you have ! We are interested in the publication of this game we ordered !

  34. Lars Wistedt says:

    Changing the gray scale for printing is rather time consuming it seems… An update would be much appreciated and would save you lots of angry pre-order customers.

  35. Albert Nietsnie says:

    Stoic silence from HMS. What is going on?

  36. Tony Davies says:

    Like a lot of long term Europa fans, I would like to see HMS produce something. Ten or more years of talk but no results speaks of a dysfunction of some description. I suspect the time has come for Europa fans to find new games elsewhere. Vale HMS, hopefully others will continue to pick up the baton.