Photo tour of the HMS OFFICE and WAREHOUSE

The HMS Office with its computer equipment.

Part of the HMS Research Library

More of the HMS Research Library

Europa Magazine Storage, Shrinkwrap Table

Games and Game Part storage, orders boxing table.

Stacks of the remaining unfolded Total War maps.

Remaining uncollated Total War countersheets/unassembled box tops and bottoms.

Other Europa games, with shipping supplies on top, and then assembled Total War box tops/bottoms on top of that.

Folded Total War maps – about a 1000 of each.

Collated Total War countersets — about a 1000 sets, with assembled Total War box tops and bottoms above them.

Assembly area where maps are folded, countersheets collated, boxes assembled and where final assembly/packing of game will occur.

Back Issues of Line of Communications:

with the kind permission of Luiz Claudio Duarte

LOC 6 — Sep 2008

LOC 5 — Jun 2008

LOC 4 — Mar 2008

LOC 3 — Dec 2007

LOC 2 — Sep 2007

LOC 1 — Jun 2007

ZunTzu modules for Europa:

made by Luiz Claudio Duarte

Operation Ikarus

Second Front

Balkan Front

Storm Over Scan.

Damned Die Hard

Wavell's War

ConSimWorld Photos:

Army Gruppe Center on the 1st turn.

Army Gruppe Center on the 2nd turn.

Both AGN and AGC on turn 2.

Army Gruppe North after the surprise turn.

AGN and AGC with the HQ/Corp sheets.

A look at AGN and AGC as seen from the Soviet side. Turn 3

Army Gruppe South on the 3rd turn (from the Soviet side).

The whole map on turn 3.

Other shots

Jason Long and Arthur Goodwin at the table.

Arthur and Jason consider the thier moves.

Arthur Goodwin and Joey Sabin adjust the Soviet Army.

Jason Long, Gar Olmsted and Arthur Goodwin.

Joey Sabin considering what to do.

People take a look at the game.

A shot of the main ConSimWorld game room.

Another shot of the main ConSimWorld game room.

Another shot of the main ConSimWorld game room. There were lots of games being played.

Europa Photos:

A photo of the whole map from Norway looking south

Another great shot, but looking at the map from Spain.

A great shot, looking from the south.

Files for the Europa Magazine:

The Europa Magazine Index

Color Counters for the Glory Madagascar Scenario in TEM 87

B&W Counters for the Glory Madagascar Scenario in TEM 87

TEM 87 Contest Color Download

Files for the Original Europa Series:

Errata for Balkan Front

Balkan Front 2003
Edition Rules

NOTE: If you have the original Balkan Front, then these rules plus the
Balkan Front Refit Kit gives you the same as the 2003 Edition.

Wavell’s War Rules

Errata for First to Fight

Errata for Whom the Bell Tolls

Errata for Second Front

Errata for War in the Desert

Errata for Winter War

Europa Boot Camp Rules

Files for the Glory Series:

War of Resistance Designer Notes

Files for The Great War Series:

NOTE: These files are the originals included in Over There. They have not
yet been updated with the new errata.

Ground Rules

Air Rules

Naval Rules


8 Responses to Downloads

  1. Steven Bradford says:

    I am not sure if you have my current address. I am still owed issue 88 of TEM.

    My address is
    Steven C Bradford
    9612 Allande Rd NE
    Albuquerque, NM 87109

  2. Dan Anderson says:

    My wife and kids bought me War In The Desert recently for my birthday. So far I am pretty happy with this new incarnation of an old favorite. It had been nearly 20 years since I actually played any Europa game (Fire in the East/Scorched Earth), and smashing the Italian army was great fun and brought back memories. Next time I’ll go further and let the Africa Corps in on the fun.

  3. Frank Kiss says:

    The downloads content seems a bit lacking compared to those available on the old website. For example, the Europa Boot Camp (2004, Deen Wood edition) rules, which should be freely available to encourage new players to learn the basics of the system, are no longer offered. Together with the game specific Boot Camp Supplemental Rules (which exist for Balkan Front and First To Fight and perhaps others) these should be re-posted. Likewise I recall a Fall of France 2004 rule set and OOB update as being previously available.
    I’d prefer to see this as a one-stop resource rather than chasing up leads on Google to find my Europa play aids.

  4. Mitch says:

    I can add the old boot camp rules back to the website, if you wish. The FF 2004 rule set and OOB are over on the Yahoo group website if you need those.

  5. Frank Kiss says:

    Hi Mitch

    Sorry haven’t been back before now!

    Well, I have the Boot Camp rules I noted, however I feel others may appreciate having access to them here.

    I taught my son the basics of Europa’s, at times arcane, mechanics using the First to Fight boot camp rules set. I know that the merits of the Boot Camp rules are subject to debate given the more comprehensive standard rules in the various games but they do meet the intention of learning/teaching the system (albeit in simplified fashion) to new entrants.

    Thanks for the advice about the location of the updated FoF rules set.

    I guess my idea was to have all such Europa “stuff” either hosted here or failing that linked to from here.


  6. Mitch says:

    Those have been reposted in the download section. — Mitch

  7. Thomas says:

    I’m still eagerly waiting on updates to the Great War series…Ground, Air and Naval Rules need updating badly. Its difficult enough to encourage new players to read these rules (thanks for making them available for free download) but then telling them they need these X pages of Errata kind of kills the initial exitement. Lost more than 1 potential player due to this issue :( – WW1 is a hard sell, asking people to read another, and errata just kind of burns all that into ashes.

    Cheers – glad things are wrapping up with Total War. Looking forward to getting a copy, although I doubt I’ll ever find an oponent to play it against. Still, its amazingly nice looking.


  8. Steve Askew says:

    How about posting the Total War rules & charts on the site downloads, so that those waiting shipment have something to study and dream about while we’re waiting for the printer?