Europa gamers have accumulated on the Internet in several places and groups. We love to discuss games, strategies, history, etc. Drop on in on any or all of the following sites and join the fun!
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Europa Game Aids

ADC2 Modules: Contact Gary Shell at

Europa-related links

Line of Communications – an excellent Europa fan-site from Brazil.

Second Front Errata Page: Second Front errata and rulings on a single web page at LOC.

Magweb:  A service which sells online articles from military history magazines, including The
Europa Magazine.

Wikipedia The wiki entry for Europa. Includes all the publishers for the series.

Sam Racina: Offers counter trays for sale that fit the Europa game boxes.

Master Europa Tom Johnson’s web site that offers his own set of rules for the game series.

Europa WebRing: A collection of unofficial Europa web sites.

Jet — Yahoo group: The Jet program users group for Europa

World War II Plus 55 : David H. Lippman’s WWII history web site.

General Wargamer Links

Web-Grognards:  The
place for wargaming on the web.

Consimworld:  The
other place for wargaming on the web. You can subscribe to the discussion forums
in the following manner:

Go to and select the Discussion Board item under Community on
the left hand side of the page.

You will then get to a screen asking you to log in. Select
the Register button and it will then prompt you to register as a new member.

Once you log in, you will have a screen with a menu up. To
get to the new forum, select Game Company Support. This gives you a list of game
companies and you can select Game Research/Design (GRD). Once on the board, you
can select "Subscribe" and it will be added to your personal subscription list.
You can just press the "Check Subscripts" button in the future to cycle through
your subscribed list for any new messages.

Additional HMS/GRD forums are:

Boardgaming/Individual Game or Series Discussion/Era:
World War I/GAMES SERIES: The Great War

Boardgaming/Individual Game or Series Discussion/Era:
World War II (GAME SERIES)/Europa Series

Boardgaming/Individual Game or Series Discussion/Era:
World War II (GAME SERIES)/Glory

For More Information Contact:

Telephone: 800-236-7442

Postal address : Historical Military Services, 540 S. Forest St. #G, Denver, CO, 80246

Email Gar Olmsted


2 Responses to Europa Community

  1. stevenbecker says:


    As an old player I have the old “Fire in the East” and “Scorched Earth” games but I have been out of gaming for many years and feel the need to get back into it?

    On going through my old box’s I couldn’t find the Orbat with replacement and converisions lists from the games?

    Can I buy a replacement for the Orbats for these games so I can play from 1941 to 1944.

    I notice that FITE has now changed to Total War, was there an update for Scorched Earth as well?



  2. Rick Lamb says:

    Who are the current support/Q&A folks? I tried the Second Front contact listed and have heard nothing in response.