By Mail:

540 S. Forest St. #G
Denver, CO 80246

By Phone:

Mon-Fri 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time: 303-377-6255

In the United States you may order toll free: 1-800-236-7442

Please remember it’s toll free for you, not for us; if you want to chat with us
(and we do like to chat with you) please call the 303-377-6255 number above.

By E-Mail:

For general information, questions, or comments:

For comments
or questions to the webmaster: mitch dot lake at gmail dot com


Rules Judges

The following people are the new Rules Judges and
will address your questions on Europa games:

The Great War Series: Arthur Goodwin

The Europa Series: David Stokes

Second Front/War in the Desert: David Tinny

The Glory Series: Lee Hanna

Ordering from HMS/GRD

By Phone:
You can order games from us by calling the phone numbers listed in the contacts
section above. HMS/GRD accepts Visa and MasterCard. If
you do not have a credit card call us for other payment information.

Online Ordering:
HMS/GRD has not yet set up a true secure online ordering system.
However, if you desire to send credit card information through email we have
been assured by our ISP that firewalls exist to keep all but the most determined
hackers out of the system (and frankly who can promise anything more), and we
download our email automatically to ensure that no information remains on
our ISP’s servers for very long.

Order Through E-Mail


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