HMS News – December 5, 2013

On December 6, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

We have talked with the printers a number of times since Sunday. The problem on the evening of November 27th was booklet sheets that appeared too light due to a major variation in paper porosity. The company has agreed that the print is not acceptable (did not match the proof copy we signed off on). They will reprint our material as soon as possible. The problem is that they have booked their presses until the 18th of December.

They offered to discount the already printed booklets and match the color shade on what has been printed but it would arrive at almost the same time. We have reluctantly accepted a reprint of the darker (proof) version. They have given assurances that they will use any available press time that becomes open. We will let you know if that is possible and when we are told to expect the material. We will begin packing and shipping as soon as we receive the printed components.

We should have these before Christmas but cannot know how many will be shipped before then. Any that are not shipped by the 24th will continue to be shipped as rapidly as possible.


2 Responses to HMS News – December 5, 2013

  1. Jim Jenke says:

    Please consider this Alternative: Mail out the games NOW!!!
    There is always some little problem that crops up. Send the corrections out later or just via E-mail. Winston did it this way and we had our games on time and could play them. The corrected rules, updated game pieces etc. he mailed later and it was an extra delite to receive them in this manner. If you don’t get this game out before 2014, you might as well close HMS down and let someone else more like Winston was to run and manage Europa games!
    How many of you waiting for your games have had it? Tell Hms how fed up we are and they need to shape up NOW or Ship out on the NT markers.
    We Mad and we shouldn’t have to take it anymore!!!!!

  2. Marty says:

    Gents – all the more reason to release the PDF’s for the printed materials online … I’m certainly willing to print my own copies – especially while waiting for the “official” printed copies – and I’ll assume the responsibility for the paper stock and ink type in my personal printer. Optionally I’d certainly accept one copy of the lighter print stock and if need be take it to the local copy store to reprint with a darker contrast.