HMS News – November 30, 2013

On December 2, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

We hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!

In the midst of all of the holiday rush, we missed a late Wednesday cell call from the printer. This was questioning our instructions for reprinting several of our booklets. We have had standing instructions to call with any questions, at any time. We understand from the message that they have suspended printing until our Monday and Tuesday meetings. They have a long weekend and were not available after Thursday. We will let you know if this results in any delay.

In the mean time, we have permission from our investors to make the initial surprise turn of the Soviet OB available for download, since we have already given a sample of the initial Axis OB and are close to a shipping date. This should allow customers who have already received their counters to begin to trim and organize the Soviet border MD units for placement.

Appended below are extracts from the Total War Axis/Soviet OBs showing the initial conditions/setup for both sides.




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  1. Bob says:

    Clipping going to start shortly… Best of luck.


  2. Garry Ferguson says:

    Anyone want to bet that it “DOES” result in a further delay

  3. Garry Ferguson says:

    This was posted to me way back in 2011,actually 13/09/2011 at 10:19

    Dear Mr. Ferguson,

    Some time back you placed a pre-publication order for the game Total

    We expect to begin shipment of Total War in a few weeks — contingent on
    arrival of the last of the printing + assembly time — we already have
    the counters, maps, game boxes, dice, and a bunch of the game charts in
    the warehouse.

    To ensure that your games arrive exeditiously, we ask that you confirm
    (or update as necessary) the address you want your games shipped to. The
    address we have on file is:

    Ferguson Garry
    Address redacted : )

    Our website:
    has images on the front page of the site showing the printed game box,
    and illustrative sections of the printed counters and maps. The special
    offer for unfolded Total War maps — described in detail in the most
    recent news section of the first page of the site – remains open until
    16Sep11. The options include extra sets of the maps or to have the maps
    in your already ordered games sent unfolded now (so your games arrive
    later with NO maps). Note that we are shipping the unfolded maps now
    (have sent out 150+ sets in the last week).

    Best Regards,

    Please note the date and the components that were already printed

  4. Rick Lamb says:

    Good to see more information. I’m guessing that one of the errata the printers need to change is that both OBs say “Axis” at the top of each page. Hopefully things can get worked out soon so that we won’t need a long set of errata.

  5. Fred Førde says:

    thank you for the update and the soviet order of battle. I think I speak for all of us saying I am looking forward to the whole game.
    best regards, Fred

  6. Patrick Tobin says:

    All of the odd numbered pages of the Soviet setup are listed as Axis. Do you really think this is ready to ship?

  7. Erik K says:

    Adding up the Soviets, the maximum overrun strength they can stack is 41 points (2x 9-6.8 hy tk div, 1x 8-5-8 hy tk div, 5x 3-2-6 Art reg) but if all needs to be motorised then the Soviets are down to 32 points (2x 9-6.8 hy tk div, 1x 8-5-8 hy tk div, 3 x 2-8 tk bde) since I have not found any Soviet motorised artillery units in the set up.

    There are some 3-8 tk bde but these stack as 2 RE each

  8. Rich v says:

    Given the fact that the Soviets are on the defensive in 1941, I don’t think they are too concerned about overrunning the enemy. On another note, Germany does have SP artillery for 22 June.

  9. Greg S says:

    I am wading thru the Sov OB and comparing to my own (used Niehorster and a Russian language website): page 21 of Soviet OB, the 301R art rgt should be a 2-3-6, not a 3-2-6, at least according to the printed counters I have (already punched and ready to go!). More to follow if I spot any more typos.

  10. Greg Sarnecki says:

    I’m setting up the Soviets and I’ve found some minor typos/errors in the OB:
    (pg 21): Art III 301R listed as a 3-2-6; counter sheet 113A has it printed as a 2-3-6;
    (pg 22):
    0-1-6 Bdr [III] Dnestr (NKVD) – missing from counter sheets;
    3-2-0 HvSgArt II CD:MG (VMF) – missing from counter sheets;
    1-6 Bdr Trng [X] Seb (NKVD) – missing from counter sheets.