HMS News – 11 November 2013

On November 13, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

Total War should now begin shipping December 6th, 2013. After getting approval for the last of our electronic files from the printer, we uncovered an error. This was a error on our part, here at HMS. Due in part to the long development time for the rules and OBs, we had not coordinated our software conversions as well as we should have.

While the bulk of the booklets are in a standard format, the OBs and part of the rules use a number of special symbols and graphics. Transfer from Mac to PC files and then to the format needed by the printers, slightly altered some of the text. Our scans of the initial print proof copies focused on the page length and margins since we had already edited the text of the files. The printers have generously minimized the cost to reprint and we will move ahead with the new print schedule.


4 Responses to HMS News – 11 November 2013

  1. Erik K says:

    Sad to read about another delay.

    Do You still expect to send all pre-orders within 10 days starting with Dec 6th?

    I suggest that You, on the same day You send the game, really should send the receiver an email with the parcel’s tracking number. I, for instance, would appreciate much if I could track this precious shipment once it has left Your facility as this shipment will coincide with all X-mas shipments across the world and the usual chaos and delay that follows this.

    Best regards
    Erik K

  2. William Dalzell says:

    Thanks for the update. Get it right,and get it out! My game table is waiting.

  3. Chris says:

    I wish to echo Erik in Sweden. Please inform us outside of the USA when the game has been sent. Tracking numbers help us sort possible confusion. Thank you, Chris in Ireland

  4. Sean King says:

    Needs updated…under pre publication tab it says 2009 planned delivery.

    Then under game price list it shows 2011 planned delivery.

    Plus it doesn’t seem a person can look at old comments any more from past updates. Is it just me?