HMS News 9 November 2014

On November 10, 2014, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

Appended below is the Total War Air Chart (both sides), plus a separate document with some notes regarding the changes/additions to this chart. Another chart to follow in a few days.



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  1. Robert Brown says:

    Errata Item:
    I note that on the Air Mission Eligibility Summary, in the Air Drop and Air Landing row of the Non-Phasing Player Move Phase column is a value “Y(f)”, which is not explained in the key below.

  2. ArthurGoodwin says:

    IRT Robert Brown: “Y(f)” means “YES, but only to a friendly-owned hex.”

  3. Robert Brown says:

    Got it. Thanks for the quick response!

  4. Ed Steeb says:

    Question 1: AA Fire Table: Note for 0-strength AA column: Does 2+, mean greater than 2, or 2 and greater attack strength?

    Comment 1: Thumbs up for opportunity of getting multiple hits with revised bombing table.

    Comment 2: Air Mission Eligibility Summary: Very helpful, a great player aid.

  5. ArthurGoodwin says:

    IRT Ed Steeb:
    1) AA Fire Table, 0 column, 2+ means “2 and greater attack strength”
    2/3) Glad you like these.

  6. Just when I think there are no more innovations in this arena you guys come up with sophisticated improvements – the Night Fighter contact solves a nagging problem, and the 0 column on AA also is good. Does the lack of a Patrol Attack table mean that this rule has been phased out?

  7. ArthurGoodwin says:

    IRT Chris Hamilton:
    Glad you like the night fighter/AA table tweaks.
    Yes, no patrol attack anymore. There is, however, an enroute interception rule.

  8. Tom says:

    Any updates on the timeline to release? Can we have some details please?

  9. Karl says:

    You said you would release charts every three to four days. Fourteen days have now passed. Now be honest, any chance this game will ship before the end of 2014?

  10. Lars Wistedt says:

    Another chart in a few days has now become nothing in three weeks

  11. Ralph Sunley says:

    Any chance of seeing the final UIC? Inquiring minds would like to know what some of the new symbols mean..

  12. Robert Bain says:

    Any updates on when in 2015 we’ll see the game released?

  13. Duncan says:

    It’s over a month Mitch. There must be further comments to post!

  14. Roger says:

    It’s time for a production update.

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