HMS News 9 August 2014

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As we close in on last bit necessary to finally ship Total War, here’s another piece of the starting OB for your perusal. The .pdf link below shows the Soviet Conditional Reinforcement events that govern how the initial Soviet Unreliable Baltic Units and Soviet Disorganized Fortifications work.



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  1. Karl says:

    I think consequentially should be consequently in the Estonian paragraph and I see no logic to your use of abbreviations or truncations, sometimes you use them, sometimes not. Do you have a writing style guide you follow?

  2. Ed Steeb says:

    In SG1 procedure, should we be comparing units to REs of units, or REs of units to REs of units? I would assume the latter but that is not what it says. Also, does one apply all modifiers if applicable or just one — I would assume, all, but it doesn’t say.

  3. Robert Bain says:

    Well…it’s been a month, what progress has been made on that “last bit”?

  4. steve miller says:

    Another month gone with still no word. Waiting…….

  5. Marty says:

    It’ll be in your “Home before the leaves fall…” …. well, that’s what we were told last year …

  6. Roger says:

    Any news?

  7. Ron says:

    Another month gone. What are these “last bits” and what is still to be done?

  8. Ruud says:

    So it’s now over a year ago that the message appeared that the game would be shipped within an eight week window. That’s the same period that’s passed since the last update. I really wonder what is happening, and why the game can’t be shipped, or why it is impossible to give a shipping deadline that the guys can stick to. What’s the cause of these continuous delays? Why are there no updates, eventhough they were promised? Come on!

  9. Karl says:

    So you have the time to screen the comments that are posted but not provide an update to everyone that’s waiting for this game, and asking for an update.

  10. Tony says:

    No updates.
    No samples.
    No progress???
    Two months???
    No hope???
    I hope I’m wrong, but guys a crumb???

  11. daniel pagano says:

    Begging for any news..

  12. Bob says:

    Two months without an update. Come on guys… Please?

  13. Paul Dubois says:

    Are you still working on the electronic version of the game ?

  14. cj says:

    anybody out there really expecting to see this game in 2014???..for those who have
    paid upfront..I hope so..I got my $$ back three years ago..and still game..
    you guys are a patient lot..I’ll say that for’s hoping..

  15. Ruud says:

    I just realized that on 22 June the latest shipping estimate was about 4-5 weeks after the post was made (late July shipping). That’s already 2 and a half months ago. I think we’re now about 16 weeks later, and no indication is given on when the game will ship. If I’m really pesimistic I would say that it took 7 months for the estimate to drop from 8 to 4 weeks, so that would give a shipping date somehwere in february next year for the remaining 4 weeks estimated.
    If this seems cynical, that’s not my intention. I want HMS to understand they are a business, and they should put customer needs central to their mission if they want any chance of succes in the future. That means say what you do and do what you say. At the moment I feel this is missing and I would urge HMS to change this as soon as possible for all our sake.

  16. steve miller says:

    As of today, it’s now been two full months since your late update on the status of TW. Isn’t it about time to let us know what’s happening to this game??

  17. Ron says:

    Another fortnight passes. Why can’t you list out what’s still to be done if you really are on the “last bits”? You are losing what little goodwill still exists out here.

  18. Mitch says:

    I, the web guy, do the screening. No updates though, which is annoying. — Mitch

  19. Todd W. Olson says:

    Mitch, a lot of these comments reflect really poorly on HMS and are undoubtedly eroding confidence in the product . Can’t you remove them?

  20. Mitch says:

    Todd, the comments are justified. I’d like some news of what’s up as much as any of these guys. Arthur can edit the comments, as needed. — Mitch

  21. Bob says:

    I agree with Mitch. These comments are polite all things considering. I have been waiting for this game a long time too (I am #12 on the list) and would appreciate an update a bit more frequently than occurs.

    Thanks, Bob

  22. James says:

    Todd, HMS’s lengthy silences reflect poorly on and erode confidence in HMS. It has nothing to do with whether Mitch removes comments or not.

  23. Ruud says:

    Irt Todd: I think you miss the point. It’s not the comments here that reflect badly on HMS, but the way the company acts. If it says what it does, and does what it says, there will be no negative comments. Removing the comments made here will not help HMS, as the feelings expressed in them will remain in place and they are shared by a large group of (potential) HMS customers. These bad feelings are a threat to future HMS projects. This is why I press to put the customer in the centre of HMS’ mission to finally turn this around.

  24. Robert Bain says:

    Unfortunately we are long past believing anything other than actually receiving the game. I think it’s time for an HONEST statement of whether this game will ever be published. The “Pre-Publication Plan” still posted on this web site is dated over FIVE years ago. C’mon, guys, it’s time to let your extremely patient fans and loyal customers know what’s REALLY going to happen.

  25. chet says:

    It has been since November 2006 when my game was ordered. There is zero reason for all of these delays and no comments, updates ect. I am done send my money back and if the game ever does come out I will see if it is worthwhile to buy at that time.

  26. Paul B. says:

    Are you still in business? Are you planning on releasing the game before I retire or should I seek a refund?
    Whatever your personal issues, there is no excuse for not at least keeping us informed.

  27. Robert Brown says:

    Several years ago, I bet Todd that TW would be out by Christmas or I’d bring a bottle of Port and a mince pie to his house on Boxing Day.
    I lost in 2012.
    I lost in 2013.
    This year Todd said he’d provide the Port and mince. So, I succeeded in starting a Christmas tradition with a friend, which is more than I can say for HMSGRD!

  28. Bill Jenman says:

    Todd, it’s the endless delays and silences that have eroded confidence in the company, not anything posted here or elsewhere. Anyone with the slightest interest in wargames already knows that HMSGRD have repeatedly, over a number of years now, failed to finish the game on the timescale that they themselves have posted. When on the multiple occasions they promised shipping by the end of month x, the very least they could have done is update their customers early in month y. The printing problems excuse has been trotted out too often to be credible, and anyway from the rare extracts of the OBs and rules that have been uploaded we can be certain that the game was definitely not ready for printing on the several dates when they said it was – because we can see that they’re still making changes. HMS needs to publish, or if they can’t, for whatever reason, they need to get back what value they can for themselves and their investors and sell the remaining assets of the company to someone else who can. I only hope that the current silence is because they’re negotiating with a potential buyer now. If they’re not, then they should be.

  29. Bryan says:

    August 9th since the last update? Really?!?!?! Come on guys, throw some “update” crumbs our way.

  30. Dave S. says:

    I noticed that you are still actively promoting a “pre-publication” offer for Total War on your website. In light of the years of delays, excuses and infrequent communication, I think continuing to provide this offer is very misleading to those that might happen upon your site unaware of the situation.

    Unless you can provide an actual date for publication, please act in an ethical manner and remove this offer from your site.

  31. Jeppe Prebensen says:

    It’s now 10 years since HMS/GRD formed and 5 years since the first whispers of things being sent to the mysterious printers began. And now… what?

    If a regular drip-feed of components in digital format had been posted here back then, we’d all have collected enough to print our own copy at home by now.

    At least then we’d have *something* to show for our purchase and patience.

  32. Bill Gaines says:

    When will this game be available? I would like to buy two copies.