HMS News – August 9, 2013

On August 9, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

It has taken a bit longer than I had expected to go over all the options here regarding shipping of Total War and new price list. Howevere, we will have this resolved and a definitive update posted sometime this weekend.

Two pieces of good news:
1. We’ve mangaged to get costs confirmed that will allow for a limited edition reprint of Second Front in near future (this is original printed counters, not laser-cut ones we talked about before). There will be more about this in near future.
2. Gordon Johansen kindly provided a pdf of ETO #58 so it is now available for download. Just click on the link below.

ETO #58


33 Responses to HMS News – August 9, 2013

  1. With a second edition rules booklet (+ errata and Q&A), please.


  2. mark ruggiero says:

    so any updates im getting to the point if it aint going to happen please just say so. sorry but paid back in 2003 and hae bought things etc and well I guess if it happens it happens frustrated

  3. John Webster says:

    Any news on Total War’s release schedule?

  4. Todd W. Olson says:

    Where is the definitive update you told us you were going to provide? A considerable amount of time has passed.

  5. Terry Ward says:

    OK – I’ll be first.

    We have had several weekends since the post above. Is there a problem?

  6. Daniel pagano says:

    Hello any new info on Total War.

  7. Garry Ferguson says:

    Any updates, a definitive one was supposed to be posted two weekends ago ?

  8. J. R. says:

    Is there a reason why all comments from all previous messages have been deleted?

  9. Paul Dubois says:

    Before printing Second Front could you first deliver Total War. I am looking in excitement for “next” weekend when the definitive update will be posted …

  10. Bob says:

    OK, it has been two weekends since the promise to have an update “next weekend”.


    Thanks, Bob

  11. Todd W. Olson says:

    I’m eager to learn the details of the definitive update!

  12. Andy Waller says:

    Good God!

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to update when you say you are going to update, as opposed to a month later?

    When will TW be available to buy? Yes, I know I can buy it now but until people start to get the completed product I don’t think that is wise. Perhaps I should rephrase. When will the product be complete?

  13. Rick Lamb says:

    Anyone hear the “definitive update posted … this weekend” yet?

  14. Bob says:

    My August 26th comment is still in moderation. Is there an issue with this site?

    Thanks, Bob

  15. Kirby Meade says:

    Is there any status update on the horizon?

  16. Clint Brass says:

    I think ETO #57 was the one that is missing from HMS/GRD archives, not #58.

  17. Jon says:

    Its a month now with no updates. Couldn’t you take a few minutes to let people know what is going on with Total War. Respectfully, I’m not interested in any other projects until you’ve delivered this one.

  18. Lars Wistedt says:

    Communication does not seem to be the trade mark of your company…

    Let me guess that next “update” won’t reveal a shipping date, but rather some new problems with the printer, the postal office, box delivery and/ or lost address data..?

    If you cannot print the rules, then let us have them in pdf format to print ourselves. This cannot be an excuse for non-delivery anymore! Almost everyone has a printer nowadays and if not one can have it printed cheaply at a store.

    Several of my gaming friends have started to make jokes about you guys running away to Cayman Islands with the money instead… And I do hope it stays with joking!

    It cannot be to hard to print a comment, even if it is to say you have no updates.


  19. stephen Gidney says:

    I have to add my own to the above expressions of dismay over the failure once again to provide a promised update. Please tell us what is going on and whether this game will in fact be released.


  20. Sean King says:

    Any update?

    He hasn’t responded to my address update email I sent as well so who knows what is up.

  21. William Dalzell says:

    Some historical perspective, “The production schedule is available on our website… and we will be going to the printers on September 1…This should allow all of the material to be returned to us by the end of October, giving us November to pack and ship the games”. This was from TEM #84, from back in 2003 (remember when there was a magazine?).

    Water under the bridge, just water under the bridge.

  22. Sean King says:

    Yet the comments are being moderated?

    So someone is seeing us ask the questions.

  23. John Webster says:

    Any news? You replied privately to me with the following on 8/24

    Is any of this still valid?

    —Beginning of Forwarded Message—

    Mr. Webster,

    Saw your inquiry on the HMS/GRD website. To answer your question:

    The update should be up (finally) late Sunday night after another HMS board meeting that day. The good news is that we have 3-tracks on how to finally close the shipping budget gap and then ship the game; depending on which one comes through first, this could happen anywhere from about 15 days from now to a maximum of about 60 days. I can’t say more than that until after the board meeting, but the update will cover this fully.

    The update will also cover some more good news:
    1) we have managed to come up with a way to return both Second Front and War in the Desert to print (and this is a potential 4th way if all else fails).
    2) we have found a lamination service for Europa maps that charges a reasonable price and so will be able to offer lamination of maps in the near future.

    Best Regards,

  24. grant garraway says:

    Arthur what is going on. 6 weeks no news.

  25. Rick Lamb says:

    It’s been 5 *weeks* since the promised last update. For me, I’m done sending any more good money after bad. I’m buying nothing more until I get what I’ve paid for, period. I’ve been screwed over for too many years on this game, and no more dangling of carrots in front of me will make me budge at all.

  26. Duncan says:

    Five weeks guys. Why no updates?

  27. Duncan says:

    Reading the latest moderated comments is just depressing. Do you understand how poor these make you appear. Promising and then failing to meet those promises not just to the wider audience but in private emails. Why would anyone trust you guys in future just defeats me.

  28. Chris Jackson says:

    We all understand that some things outside HMS/GRD’s control can and do happen. Europa has had some of the most loyal and patient supporters in the industry. But updating your webpage is something that IS within your control. So why frustrate your supporters when you don’t have to, by failing to provide status updates within a reasonable time period? It really doesn’t take that long to post an update to a webpage. Not doing so can erode the support you’ve enjoyed for so many years!

  29. Lo Pan says:

    Posted a few times but no answer provided:
    I have the German OB for TW but can’t locate the Russian OB … was there ever a TW download for that?

  30. Rick Lamb says:

    Lo Pan – I’m not positive, but I don’t think so. Just certain parts were released as teasers for the game. I think some of us have the OBs from when we beta tested the game, but I believe that may well have changed since then.

  31. Sean King says:

    I don’t think I would do the laminated option. Already have the maps in my possession, paid extra for the rolled up version, and I would be completely foolish to put any more money into this by buying laminated.

    After all have maps but not the game. Sad day….loyal customer…..looks like no more. Sad.

    From email response to J Webster…..if it is really only shipping gap I bet people would pay that shipping for their product!

  32. Roger says:

    Another insightful comment from Gar on the Yahoo Site. Does he know how email works? Happy to sit him down and explain if he hasn’t got it yet. And you guys wonder why your business is going down the pan!!!!

  33. Rick Lamb says:

    Yet another week without one word on the status of the game shipping. “The natives are restless” was a looong time ago. I’m about at the “ticked off and ready to storm the castle” stage here.

    Come on guys, how about taking 2 minutes and typing an update when you say you’re going to?