HMS News – July 18, 2013

On July 18, 2013, in News, by ArthurGoodwin

We have now raised about 65% of the money needed to ship Total War. The final days of the fire sale (it will end 5Aug13) and a couple of other projects we are working on (more on these later) should get us to 100%. To see the final, updated version of the Fire Sale Flyer click on the HMSFireSaleFinal link directly beneath this update.

The Fire Sale will end on 5Aug13. Phone and email orders for fire sale items will be accepted until Midnight on 5Aug13.. Regular mail orders for fire sale items will be accepted after that time so long as they are postmarked by 5Aug13. Once the sale ends, the Total War pre-publication offers end and Total War is then only available at the post-publication price. Once the sale ends, our prices for almost all other sale items will increase about 50% (this will still leave prices about 25% below what they were prior to the beginning of the sale).

Changed and added items in the sale are highlighted in green in the flyer shown below. In particular photocopy prices have decreased again; for example, photocopies of Europa Magazine are now $3 (+ shipping) an issue and the Europa Magazine Bundle Pack has decreased from $200 to $160 (+ shipping). The local copy center rewarded us with a couple of coupons for 35% off and we are passing the savings on to you. However, the copy center will also be increasing prices again on 5Aug13 so this opportunity will not come around again. We have also reduced prices on the ETO and Nuts&Bolts Bundles, and added a combined TEM/ETO/N&B Bundle for additional savings. Shipping costs to locations outside of the US have gone down for many items as the US Post Office now allows First Class Package Service to be processed electronically and this lowers shipping cost by $2-$5 on many items. We have also found some ways to substantially lower shipping costs for some of the bundles to the UK, China, and Japan  (check out the TEMBundle and TEM/ETO/N&B Bundle for examples of this). Because people have asked we now list tweezers and The Urals (complete boxed module) for sale on the parts page.

If you have a need for copies of any of the rules, OBs, and/or charts to Europa games not listed on the parts page just ask for a quote as we can probably add them to one of the photocopy runs before 5Aug13.

Because of a trade, we have a single original printed copy of each of the following Europa Magazines (otherwise only available in photocopy): #9, 31, 37, 61, and 63.  First order for a TEM Bundle or TEM/ETO/N&B Bundle gets them.

The Fire Sale is now closed.


9 Responses to HMS News – July 18, 2013

  1. Erik K says:

    It is good to know that you have reached 65% of the funding for the shipping. Good work!

    It would, however, be nice to have the following questions answered:
    1) Are all the parts of the game printed and delivered to you by now or are there any risks of further delays?
    2) When will we receive an email that confirms our order/payment status and delivery address? (I have sent you my an email a fortnight ago with my current address and email but have not received any confirmation/reply from you)
    3) At what date will you begin shipping if all works out according to your present plan?
    4) How much is missing in funding the shipping?
    5) If the answer to question 1 is that all is printed and delivered to you by now, would it be possible to send you money for the missing part of the shipping so we could get the game?

    Best regards
    Erik K

  2. Ed Steeb says:

    Thank you for being more timely in posting an update. It is very much appreciated as it indicates a sensitivity for your customer’s concerns. Hopefully, we will have Total War in our hungry hands by September of the year! ??

  3. mark ruggiero says:

    got my email confirmation thnx

  4. Steve Bristow says:

    I have yet to receive my confirmation email
    Looking forward to hopefully having the whole game in its proper box by the autumn

  5. mark ruggiero says:

    Email Arthur he responded very quickly and just placed a fire sale order today and got my tracking from ups

  6. Terry Ward says:

    I sent an email to Arthur and got confirmation in a couple of days.

  7. Rob Stultz says:

    email confirmation received, thanks Arthur !

  8. Steve Bristow says:

    Received my confirmation email from Arthur as well…many thanks

  9. mark ruggiero says:

    Got my fire sale order promptly